Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving and the arrival of Buddy the Elf!

Here are some pics of our littlest Turkey this year!

And here are all of our turkeys! Love them all!!!

We had a nice time invading Auntie Rosanne's house! We always have fun there!
When we got home, we put up our Christmas tree, and guess who showed up while we were decorating? Buddy the elf! I think Riley still finds him a little creepy, but she is kind of excited/kind of creeped out!

He made his first appearance by arriving in her boots!

The next morning, he was found putting the star on our tree!
We'll be sure to post pictures of all of Buddy's shenanigans as Christmas comes around!

Funny kids!

I found these pictures on Chris's phone the other day. They are from the summer, so a little bit older, but they made me laugh!
This just might be the cutest, sad face I've ever seen!
And then this girl....
Chris was fixing my treadmill, Taylor was "playing." She then attacked him while he was working on it and he turned around to see this...

So be careful if you might just find this little knight sneaking up on you!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Embracing my inner redneck!

We are embracing our inner redneckness.....
Yep, we bought an ATV!
These crazy girls were VERY excited!

Even mommy got in on the action!

And the next morning, this is how this girl got a ride to the bus stop! She thought she was pretty cool!
And yes, that is her backpack sitting on the gun rack!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!

The girls were so excited to receive these Rapunzel hats from a friend of ours! They did not stop wearing them for the first 3 days they got them!
I tried so hard to get a "normal" picture of them to send to our friend to show how much they liked them! But, then I realized, this is as "normal" as it's going to get!

And of course, because he has 3 older sisters.....poor Michael got in on the action too! Poor boy!

Friday, November 15, 2013

All she wants for Christmas is her 2 front teeth!

Riley lost another tooth! She is so persistent that one! Once she gets something in
 her head, there is no stopping her! Hmmmm, does she get that from me or Chris???
Her two front teeth have been wiggly for awhile, but one of them started to get really wiggly on at the beginning of the week. On Wednesday evening  I thought for sure it was going to fall out, but she wouldn't let me pull it. She wanted it to fall out at school because "you get a sticker if your tooth falls out at school."
So, Thursday afternoon I was waiting for her to get home to show me the big gap in her front teeth now. But, the tooth didn't fall out! I was hoping it would make it through the night to get to school the next day, and it did! So, Friday afternoon she had an assembly at school in the afternoon. And, I was amazed to see her tooth still hanging in! Since it was a holiday weekend, she wouldn't have school on Monday, so I thought "oh, too bad it didn't happen at school."
Well, wouldn't you know she kept the tooth in her mouth ALL weekend, even the Monday she didn't have school. Tuesday afternoon at school, it fell out! And, she was beyond excited to receive not only a sticker, but also this tooth necklace to hold her tooth in! Way to hang in there, Riley! :)

And the tooth fairy left her a shiny new dollar with Fairy dust, which she took to school to show her friends, and then told me that evening that the fairy dust tasted like sprinkles!

I also was so excited to accompany Riley on a field trip to the post office this week. It was so fun, but that also meant leaving Michael at home.....with daddy.......uh-oh!! So, I decided this shirt seemed appropriate for his hanging out time with Dad. I was explaining this to him as I was getting him dressed. He found it funny!

Then he said, "wait.....did you just say your leaving me with dad? Alone?"



Friday, November 8, 2013

4 months old!

This little guy is already 4 months old! He's soooo big! He is in 9 month size clothing and he's been rolling over for a few weeks now. He can almost sit up too!

This shirt was from his Aunt Debbie and cousins Zack and Joseph! Celebrating his Polish heritage!
Love this little guy!!


Here's our motley crew for Halloween....Dora, Captain America, a kitty cat and a beautiful princess, oh wait, that's just me!! :)

Why is it so hard to get these kids to take a normal picture???

Geez!! Well at least Captain America was looking pretty normal for the camera!

My buddy came home with her kindergarten pictures this week. Made me smile and want to cry at the same time! Time is flying, she's getting so big! And this picture just makes her look so grown up to me. :(
It's getting chilly, so we've been spending more time at the indoor pool. Riley is doing so well...swimming underwater nowadays! A year ago she would get upset if water splashed her in the face, now she's going under, swimming underwater and having a ball!

Oh look, a cute normal picture.....

And then this.....